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My name is Yujin Zhang (pronounced You-jean Jaang). I’m a master student in CS at UIUC. I received my BS degrees in CS from University of Michigan and in ECE from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

I’m interested in understanding how computer systems work, especially how they improve reliability and efficiency. I enjoy building applications that can benefit people around me, and hopefully bringing a little bit of happiness to their lives. Besides, I like visiting museums, reading fictions, and (watching other people) playing games.

For the below projects, click on the image to see more details and click on the title or the “Go to website” to go to the github repos.

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An optimization of STARTS (STAtic Regression Test Selection) Maven plugin, which helps running only the impacted tests since last build. Reduced the time required to perform dependency analysis phase by 70% by running it concurrently with the test execution phase.
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A 3D platform game where the hero climbs a four-sided tower while dogding and attacking enemies. His weapon can switch between a hammer and a propeller, helping him attack as well as jump and climb. The weapon is controlled purely by rotating a joystick of the Xbox controller, creating a gameplay experience without button pressing.
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A face stylizer that puts an artistic mask generated from a portrait painting on the face in a photo. It detects facial keypoints in both the painting and the photo, warps the painting onto the photo according to the keypoints, and blends them with different weights on different areas.
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A search engine back-end for recommanding skin care products on Amazon according to different effects and product types. It’s currently a little bit complicate to use. I plan to simplify the usage and hopefully deploy it, so that you could easily try it out.
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Yujin Zhang

“It might not be perfect, but the first step is actually building the station. Right? Otherwise trains won’t stop there. And you can’t meet the person who means so much to you.” — Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki