My name is Yujin Zhang (pronounced You-jean Jaang). I'm a backend software engineer in San Francisco. I graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (M.S. in CS), University of Michigan Ann Arbor (B.S. in CS), and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (B.S. in ECE). I enjoy going to parks, commuting by bike and Caltrain, organizing spaces, reading fictions, and playing Nintendo Switch.  

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Tower of Babylon

A 3D platform game where the hero climbs a four-sided tower while dogding and attacking enemies. His weapon can switch between a hammer and a propeller, helping him attack as well as jump and climb. The weapon is controlled purely by joysticks, creating a gameplay experience without button pressing.

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STARTS Offline Mode

STARTS (STAtic Regression Test Selection) is a Maven plugin that helps you run only the impacted tests since last build. I worked on speeding up the dependency analysis phase (by 70%) by making it concurrent with the test execution phase.

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A face stylizer that puts an artistic mask generated from a portrait painting on the face in a photo. It detects facial keypoints, warps the painting onto the photo according to the keypoints, and blends them with different weights on different areas.

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Rope Chat

A chat website with threaded messaging UI designed by myself. This is a project for me to learn React. On pause until I have time to play with React again.

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A search engine backend for recommanding skin care products on Amazon according to effects (e.g. anti-aging) and product types. Boost products with high-star reviews mentioning the effects in the query.

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